Welcome to the Pierce Memorial Sunday School!!

Our Mission Statement    

The Christian Education Program of Pierce Memorial Presbyterian Church is dedicated to the following purposes:

       A.  Celebrate our gathering as a Christian community through various activities and functions.

      B.  Give our children and adults solid Christian values through various activities and functions.

      C.  Acquaint our children and adults to the stories from the Old and New Testament by reading, acting, singing, writing and drawing.

        D.   Help our children and adults to know and feel that God loves and cares for them and to lead them toward a commitment to God and to His word.

We meet on Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.  The preschool and primary grades meet in Fellowship Hall for a joint opening session.  During this time songs are taught and enjoyed, celebrations and concerns are shared and prayed about, and a simple concept is introduced through stories, drama or discussion.  The children then go to their class divided by age.

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